Thursday, October 27, 2011


We have had a really fun Fall! In fact it will take several posts to cover all that we have been up to. James and I got season tickets to Baylor Football and have had the best time driving up to Waco to watch several games. We even had a Baylor Football party one weekend to cheer on the Bears when they played KSU. The little boys had more fun playing outside than watching football. They were so cute to watch play. We are excited to head up to Waco next weekend for Homecoming.

We have also made several trips to the ZOO! James Thomas LOVES all the animals and riding the train. I think he wishes we could live on a train. I am starting to think Luke and James Thomas have their own language, kind of like some people say twins do. Every time they are together they spend half their time laughing at each other. They aren't talking or doing anything silly just smiling and chuckling uncontrollably. When James Thomas finally slows down at the end of the day he enjoys listening to train songs on my computer. They light his sweet little face up.

This morning was donuts with dad at school. My boys looked so cute and happy when they left this morning. And by the way it was wonderful not getting dressed this morning and waving goodbye to them as they pulled out the driveway. Mother's Day Out seems so much longer when I don't have to do drop off. I could get used to James taking JT to school!!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Vacation and start of school

In August James decided to take a week vacation. With the big move this summer we decided to take it easy in Houston and then drive west to San Antonio for a small getaway. We stayed very busy while in town and had so much fun with Daddy home. On Monday we headed to the zoo for our own private viewing of the animals. (It was a private viewing because The first day of school in Houston = NO ONE there!!!) On Tuesday, Mandi, Avery, and Cate joined us at Noah's Ark Pool for one last water splashing day. The kids had so much fun running around with James. They were worn out. Wednesday we loaded the car and headed for The Hill Country Hyatt. It was perfect! Again with school starting back the resort was pretty much empty. We enjoyed the lazy river, kids pool, the play ground, fire pit, all with just a few other families. It was fun to visit with them and make new friends. On Friday we decided to head over to Sea World. We were worried James Thomas might be a little young but decided to take our chances anyway. SEA WORLD WAS THE BEST! They have a toddler section full of sesame street characters, rides, and activities. We went to the Shamu show and James Thomas was able to sit through the entire thing. This was really exciting for James and me. James even hit up a few roller coasters! All in all it was the best week ever! We ended our vacation with a night out with friends for restaurant week and then once again back to the real world. Isn't it amazing how quickly these fun times go by. Breaks my heart.

James Thomas started school that next Tuesday. This is his second year at MDPC. We absolutely love it there and have been once again blessed with great teachers. James Thomas has been three times now and is having a ball. It is great to see him grow and learn new things. PRICELESS!

Here are some pictures to tell our story!

This last picture is James Thomas' first day of school last year. Look at how much he has grown in a year!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Summer Fun

I thought my camera broke mid way through the summer, but it turns out I needed a new lens. Now I have my camera back and have lots of fun pictures of James Thomas!

We started the summer off with James Thomas' birthday. We had a little party in Houston in May so on June 4th we went to Nachogdoches to celebrate and watch Michael graduate from high school! It was a fun weekend.

Birthday breakfast for champions!

First picture of James Thomas as a 2 year old!

Birthday festivities included lots of swimming!

James Thomas' favorite thing to do in the pool is to be thrown high!

Who doesn't love a naked, baby bum.

We got to see Papa on James Thomas' birthday too! Very special time.

We have stayed busy having lots of fun this summer. We took many trips to the pool, had lots of play dates, road Bailey like a horse, and even road the train a few times. James Thomas was lucky enough to be with Luke and Sam on their first train ride. I am sure that was just the first of many for our special friends! Oh and did I forget to mention a few 2 year old tantrums??? We had those too!

We also celebrated my sister in law, whom is also a dear, college friend's 30th birthday! It was a great night to celebrate such an awesome person!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fun day with Mimi and Papaw

My sweet parents have been dog sitting for James and me since July 4th weekend. We wanted to move, remodel, and get settled without worrying about Bailey and Daisy. This past week James Thomas and I drove down to JC to pick them up. My sweet mom rode back with us to Houston and then my dad came down after work to bring my mom back. They are so wonderful. Yesterday, we went to Memorial City Mall to ride the train, do a little shopping, and have lunch. I borrowed my mom's camera and got a few cute shots. My camera is finally fixed so I will have more pictures to share soon. Hopefully I can get some of the new house.

Waiting for the train!!

Choo Choo, All ABOARD!

My little conductor.

Our last family picture in front of our old house. (Daisy wouldn't cooperate.)

My first home! So so many memories.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We've MOVED!

After 6.5 years we took the plunge and decided to put our house on the market. It was bitter sweet leaving our first home. We moved into the Rincon house in November of 2004, just a few days before our wedding. We found out we were pregnant in this house and brought our precious son home here as well. James and I have shared such wonderful memories in this house and it was a lot more difficult than I expected shutting the door and driving away for the last time. But, at the end of every chapter, you must start a new one, and we are super excited about our new home. We have been in the new house a little over a week and slowly it is all coming together. We did lots of painting and a few remodel projects so it has been crazy, but I think we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are super happy to be reunited with the Joneses! We do not live across the street from them like before but we are in the same neighborhood. Luke and James Thomas are very happy about this. Many of our new neighbors have come to meet us as well and we look forward to getting to know everyone better. It is a very exciting time!

James Thomas is doing amazing medically! Two months ago we had a little set back when his counts started to drop. We doubled his dose and was able to stabilize. Last time we did labs his counts had even gone up a little. We haven't tried to lower them back down yet but we go see Dr. B on Friday. I am thinking everything will look great and we can discuss a taper schedule. I have absolutely no complaints right now. James Thomas is an active little two year old and having a great summer. He just got back from a week at his Mimi and Papaw's house. My parents kept him so I get some unpacking done. He had a blast swimming, feeding horses, chasing kitties and just playing. I don't think he asked for me once! :(

My heart has been really heavy for all those families whose kids are not doing well medically and are losing their battles. I just read the blog of a little boy named James who died from a brain tumor this weekend. I am so sad for his parents and can not imagine if this ever happened to us. It really makes you savor each day and thank God the blessing of each new day.

I don't have any pictures right now but will post some soon.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2nd Birthday Party

We celebrated James Thomas' birthday 3 weeks early this year at Noah's Ark Pool. I went to book his party in March and crazy enough the entire month of June was already completely booked. That is the beauty of a 2 year old, they have no idea when their birthday really is so May 14th seemed like a perfect day! JT had a blast splashing around and playing with great friends. The day was perfect and so much fun! I can't believe my baby is almost 2 years old! Where has the time gone?

Medically things are kind of iffy right now. James Thomas has been on steroids since late July and they have been working beautifully. Three weeks ago we had our first dip in his hgb. He was still in the normal range so we decided to leave everything alone and check in 2 weeks. Last Friday we went in and his hgb had dropped more, his retic was 0.5% (this is the very low end of the normal range), and for the first time his platelets were below normal. I just had an appointment for labs but Dr. B came out and talked with me in the transfusion area. We decided to raise his steroid dose and have an office visit this Friday. We are really nervous about all of this right now. We really hope his retic will go up by Friday. Even with all this going on James Thomas is still doing great. He hasn't missed a beat and is a very active little boy! We really couldn't ask for more from him. He is a true blessing!!!!

I will update on Friday after our appointment.