Friday, December 17, 2010

Camel Ride

Last weekend Nancy came in to town for a visit and to watch James Thomas so James and I could go out. Nancy stumbled across this Christmas festival at Christ the King Church and we decided to take James Thomas up there to explore. We got to ride a camel, pet lots of animals, make arts and crafts, and lots of other fun Christmas activities. It took me 30 years to go for a camel ride but James Thomas can check that one off the list at 1 year old!!! He had a great time and his new favorite word was camel. The rest of the weekend all we heard was camel, camel, camel.

That night our neighborhood put together a fun Christmas evening. Down at the park they had santa, smores, popcorn, and "The Polar Express" was playing on a projector. JT did not want anything to with Santa so we didn't stay long. Maybe next year.........

Some of my favorite things.....

First of all I have to say that I have been the worst blogger ever. James Thomas is a very active 18 month old who keeps me on my toes and really busy. I have just organized our photos and now I am back. I have lots of posts to upload over the next few days.

James Thomas discovered the train at Memorial City Mall last week and he is in love! We have been three times already and are planning to head back again soon. It is so fun to watch him explore and fall in love with new things. This is a very exciting time in his life. I just wish I could put one of those trains in my back yard!!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to post because I forgot my camera this Thanksgiving weekend. BUT, we had a wonderful time celebrating this great holiday with family. We drove to Ft. Worth to see the entire Garrett family. It was awesome to meet relatives I had never met and to see all the ones we love dearly. James Thomas was perfect and I don't think things could have gone any better.

James and I had a fun Black Friday. For the first time ever we ventured out with the die hards and tried to get us a cheap TV. We arrived to Target at 3:30 thinking that was plenty of time to get in line for the 4 a.m. opening. UMMMMM, we were wrong. There was probably close to a 1,000 people in front of us. We did meet a great young mom from Minnesota who was standing in the freezing cold in flip flops! We unfortunately did not get the door buster deal but we did walk away with a new TV for our living room. We then made a quick stop to What a Burger and crawled back in bed all by 5:15 a.m.! It was pretty exciting. I can honestly say it was an experience like no other. You probably won't catch up ever doing that again but hey you only live once!!!

We did our second annual Christmas card photo shoot with Summer. She is absolutely amazing and did a beautiful job. I was really nervous before our appointment because James Thomas does not always cooperate and is at a very difficult age. He is also puffy because of the steroids so I thought all of this was going to lead to the biggest disaster ever. Summer was AWESOME! She came with puppets, balloons, you name it she had it. Her work is fantastic and that is all I will say, so you will have to wait until you get our card in the mail.

James Thomas is doing well. We go in for labs on Friday. It will have been two weeks so we are praying for great numbers. He is full of energy so I am expecting nothing less that greatness! I have sold lots of cookbooks! THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of you who are supporting the DBA foundation and ordering one. It is not too late. I think we have two more weeks to take orders.

Our house is decorated and we are enjoying this wonderful time of year! I pray each of you reading this is doing the same.