Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm Back!

My computer has been broken for the past month and I finally got it fixed. It is amazing how life changes when something like your computer is taken from you!!! My computer also has all my pictures saved on it. I was really worried about losing them so lesson here is make sure they are saved on a disk or zip drive too. I will be doing that tonight!

We had a wonderful Christmas. This was the year to spend it in Johnson CIty with my family. Cliff and Ty got married this year, Reid has a serious girlfriend, so there were some new additions to the family. The more the merrier! James Thomas got so many new toys. He was really excited when he climbed down the stairs on Christmas morning. It was really special for James and me.

Health wise James Thomas is doing AMAZING!!! He had his port a cath removed on January 5th. The port was a true blessing this past year. It made transfusions and the many many many blood draws bearable. He is such a trooper. However, with the port anytime you get a fever you have to go to the hospital and get IV antibiotics. James Thomas has not received a transfusion since late August so James and I felt pretty confident that it was time to say goodbye to the port. The surgery went smoothly and James Thomas did great. They wheeled him back to the Operating Room in a wagon. He was so brave! He did have another major reaction to whatever they use to disinfect their body. We told them not to use iodine but he is allergic to it all I guess. Hopefully there are no new surgeries in our future.

This week James Thomas got his first fever for the year. I was nervous about him still responding to steroids when he was sick. We went in for a cbc and his body had NO TROUBLE fighting the infection and making blood. I think his hgb was 13.2 and he was sick!!!! PRAISE GOD for this blessing. We were thrilled and so proud of our little fighter.

COOKBOOKS COOKBOOKS COOKBOOKS! Thank you again for ordering so many cookbooks. I know I told you they would be here in January but it looks like it will be February. I will ship or deliver your cookbooks as soon as I get them. I have seen a picture of the cover and it is super cute. I will try to upload it this afternoon. If you have not ordered one it is not too late. They are still taking orders to raise as much money as possible for the DBA foundation.

Besides being Barney obsessed at my house we are doing wonderful. This is a great season for us.