Monday, June 21, 2010

First toothbrush, Father's Day, Lake and more!

James Thomas got his first toothbrush at the beginning of the month and he has LOVED using it. Anytime he sees James or me brushing our teeth he whines until we give him his. He will walk around forever holding that brush and playing with it. It is so cute! Hopefully this great oral hygiene lasts.

My mom came down last week and went with us to clinic. She has never been to clinic and never met Dr. B. I am glad my mom got to go so she can picture where we spend so much time. It is nice to have the company when you sit and wait for hours on end. My mom LOVED Dr. B which is very reassuring. We are so thankful we switched doctors back in December. We had back to clinic Thursday for a transfusion. We also set a date for our steroid trial. We will begin in late July once we return from Camp Sunshine. I am so so so nervous about the entire process. Please keep us in your prayers as we begin this coarse of treatment.

Happy belated Father's Day to all the wonderful dads out there. James, you are amazing and I couldn't raise James Thomas without you! He is truly blessed to have you as his father! I love my dad more than I can express on this blog and James' dad and Jim have taken me in like their own daughter. I am truly blessed and surrounded by fantastic men.

We had a wonderful time celebrating at Lake Limestone this weekend. We should make that a tradition!

Here are some fun pics of JT with his toothbrush and at the lake!

PS I got some new curtains for our kitchen. I will post those too!

Waiting for some birthday cake!

Enjoying some yummy birthday cake with Grandma and Pawpaw

Thursday, June 10, 2010

He turned 1!

This is a very over due post but finally I am getting it up. We had a wonderful weekend in Galveston celebrating James Thomas' 1st birthday. On Saturday James Thomas was surrounded by some of our family and friends as we all enjoyed a beautiful day in the sun. The beach house was perfect, James cooked some great food, and I had a fun time decorating and adding the finishing touches to his special day. We couldn't of asked for more. After the party we got to spend the rest of the weekend enjoying the beach. James Thomas is a water baby. He loves it!

Even with James Thomas' diagnosis of DBA, this year has been the best year of our life. James and I have grown more than we could of ever imagined. We have learned the true meaning of LOVE and FEAR. We have a whole new perspective on life. I know I am a better person than I was a year ago and I owe it all to God for giving me my precious son! I can't wait to see what this new year will hold for us. I know it will be difficult at times as we start our steroid trial and IVF to conceive our next child. We have faith in God's perfect plan and he hasn't disappointed yet. Thank you for sharing this past year with us. It wouldn't of been the same with out you.

Happy Birthday James Thomas. You are everything we dreamed of and more! I am so proud to be your mom and can't wait to watch you grow this next year. May all your dreams come true! You are my HERO!

PS We have so many pictures it would take years to upload them all. These are just a few and hopefully I can upload more later.