Wednesday, May 18, 2011

2nd Birthday Party

We celebrated James Thomas' birthday 3 weeks early this year at Noah's Ark Pool. I went to book his party in March and crazy enough the entire month of June was already completely booked. That is the beauty of a 2 year old, they have no idea when their birthday really is so May 14th seemed like a perfect day! JT had a blast splashing around and playing with great friends. The day was perfect and so much fun! I can't believe my baby is almost 2 years old! Where has the time gone?

Medically things are kind of iffy right now. James Thomas has been on steroids since late July and they have been working beautifully. Three weeks ago we had our first dip in his hgb. He was still in the normal range so we decided to leave everything alone and check in 2 weeks. Last Friday we went in and his hgb had dropped more, his retic was 0.5% (this is the very low end of the normal range), and for the first time his platelets were below normal. I just had an appointment for labs but Dr. B came out and talked with me in the transfusion area. We decided to raise his steroid dose and have an office visit this Friday. We are really nervous about all of this right now. We really hope his retic will go up by Friday. Even with all this going on James Thomas is still doing great. He hasn't missed a beat and is a very active little boy! We really couldn't ask for more from him. He is a true blessing!!!!

I will update on Friday after our appointment.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

23 months

James Thomas is 23 months today! I can't believe next month he will be 2 years old. Where has the time gone?
Everything has been wonderful at our house. James Thomas started swimming lessons on Monday and absolutely loves it. I can't wait for him to get more comfortable in the pool. He is very into animals and trains these days. He knows lots and lots of animal sounds and loves to say "ALL ABOARD" any chance he gets! It is fun to hear him learn new words every day.

Medically he has done fantastic. He has not had a blood transfusion since last August and we have been steadily lowering his steroid dose. This past week we went in for labs and his hgb dropped 2 points and his retic was pretty low. Everything was still in the normal range so we decided to leave all his meds alone and are going back next week to recheck. Praying that he is just leveling out and nothing else. Our doctor didn't seemed concerned but didn't want to wait too long to check again. She knows best so I refuse to worry and just enjoy this time!

We have our house on the market!!!! James and I have been in our current home since we got married and the past 6+ years have been wonderful. We have so many amazing memories in this house but we feel it is a good time to move forward. We actually had a new house under contract but it fell through after inspection. I was a little disappointed but trust that we will end up exactly where God wants us to be. Buying and selling a home is a really exciting / stressful time. Never a dull moment around here.

That is all for now!