Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lots of pictures

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. We have been staying busy around here and LOVING this awesome weather. In fact we are off to the zoo tomorrow.

James Thomas has had two awesome weeks with his blood counts rising! We are so proud of his little body. We lowered his dose by 10% so Friday should be interesting when we go in. PRAYING for good labs!!!! Steroids have been so much better than transfusions. We really want them to work.

Luke and James Thomas playing with pasta. They look so big.

This is the only time you will see this but thought it was too funny. JT's nap mat was out for 5 minutes and look who decided she loved it. Sorry Bailey, I am not ordering you one.

I had the privilege of going to Bush this month and read to the 5th graders. These were the kids I taught my last year in 3rd grade. It was so much fun!!!! I miss you guys and can't wait to come visit again soon.

This was James' apron. SO CUTE! James Thomas is very serious these days and loves to organize books. I can't get him to stop and smile for pics anymore. What am I going to do?????

I bought these tablets that change the color of the water. We also got bath time markers; BATH TIME is so cool now!!

These pictures were taken today before school. The cool weather finally allowed us to wear some fun, Fall clothes. James Thomas was a hoot playing around this morning!! I love this little guy.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

From Bad, to Better, to finally the BEST EVER!

This week did not start out very well. On Tuesday James and I got the awful call from our IVF nurse telling us that I was not pregnant. Let me fill you in on the past few months. I started the whole meds process in July while we were at Camp Sunshine. Everything was going perfectly, I had 36 eggs retrieved, 30 fertilized, and 26 grew to day 3. On day 3 they biopsied them and sent them to Detroit for Dr. H to test. We had to wait until day 5 for our transfer. On day 5 all the embryos were doing great but out of 26 only 3 were HLA matches. This was pretty shocking for me but we only needed 1 so I was thrilled. They implanted the two strongest and I went home, was on bed rest for 2 days and waited for the big results. At the beginning of the cycle we were so confident it was going to work however this was not the plan. Tuesday was very sad but we have quickly learned that circumstances do not and can not affect our joy. We have so much to be thankful for and we will focus on that for now. This process was expensive, painful, and emotionally hard so we will wait a few more months to regroup before we try again.

We thought the week was only going to get worse because James Thomas was scheduled for a blood transfusion on Wednesday. He has been on steroids for 7 weeks and we have not seen a rise in his hgb. Our luck did change because James Thomas did not end up getting a transfusion!!!! His hgb stayed the same (which is still low) but it did not drop. To top that off his retic was really high. We decided to give the boy one more week to see if his hgb will finally rise and then if not we will do the transfusion. This was like a rainbow after the storm. I just knew he was going to need blood, but little do I know!! We are still hopeful and pray every night for a miracle but it looks like this trial is going to be a failure. He can't stay on this dose much longer and the fact that we have never had a rise in hgb probably means the second we lower his dose everything will stop working. This will be hard news for us but as of Wednesday things were looking better.

BUT the best part if this week was sweet Luke Jones' 1st Birthday party. This little boy is amazing and inspires me every single day. I will never forget when I heard Luke had EB and I researched the condition. I was heart broken, devastated, and had no clue what his little future held. But TODAY yes TODAY it was a great day. Luke was crawling around, eating birthday cake, smiling for photos, and melting hearts like always. He was surrounded by TONS of family and friends all celebrating an amazing little boy. Melissa did a fantastic job with his party and we all had a great time. Just what the Garretts needed to end this hard week.