Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DBA Cookbooks

I absolutely hate asking for money or asking people to buy things but this is so close to my heart. So, I will step out of my comfort zone and ask for your help! One of the DBA mom's that I met and grew close to this summer is putting together a cookbook to raise money for the DBA Foundation. The DBA Foundation is a wonderful organization and has funded lots of medical research to help kids like James Thomas get better treatment options and hopefully, someday find a cure. They also put on the week at Camp Sunshine that James and I got to go to this summer. It was 100% free for the families and was a life changing week. They do so much good, that I have to ask for your help.

They are currently taking preorders to determine how many books to buy. They will run between $10-15 plus shipping. Here is the information I received:
*Ok friends,
*We have reached over 200 recipes in the cookbook and I am still inputting them with the help of some other gracious DBA moms! THANK YOU! At this time, I want to start getting an idea of how many cookbooks I will need to order. *The cookbooks will be hard covered, color cover, with 200+ recipes, some pictures & artwork, including information about DBA, DBAF, and research, and some other extras (recipe abbreviations, spices, measurements, helpful hints, equivalency charts, etc). The cost will be between 10-15$ (depending on # of cookbooks ordered) and they will be available in January if all goes smoothly. S&H will be determined once I know how much the book weighs. *
Please check out the DBA Foundation as well. If you click on the "contact" tab you will see a picture of James Thomas!

If you would like to order a cookbook or 2 please email me and let me know.

I will collect money once I have an exact price. Thank you in advance for supporting our family and this organization that we love!

PS Thank you to all our family and friends who gave recipes. You were such a HUGE help. I can't wait to try all your recipes!

Friday, October 15, 2010

One Year Ago.....

today, our world got turned upside down as I heard the words "Diamond Blackfan Anemia" for the very first time. There aren't even the right words to describe all we have gone through and learned this past year. But one thing I know is that life is a precious gift that should be lived to the fullest. I have seen and met more kids with cancer than I could of ever imagined, spent way to many hours at Texans Children's Hospital, and learned more about anemia than I ever cared to know. This year we have traveled to New York to work with the most amazing DBA team in the world, flown to Maine where for the first time we were able to meet others with DBA & form the best support group ever, we have had a failed IVF cycle, and are in the beginning stages of a successful steroid trial. We learned that we have such supportive families, and AMAZING (not the right word) friends! I have learned to step out of my comfort zone and be more assertive when it come to James Thomas' medical care. And dealing with all of this has not put a strain on my marriage but has made me fall more in love with James than I thought possible. I know the only way this has all been possible is by God's love and grace. He has held us this year and now we are able to stand here better people, ready to face another year. I love my son, I love my life, and as much as I would do anything for him not to suffer or deal with all of this crap (excuse my language but it is what it is), I know James Thomas will come out victorious and exactly who God designed him to be! Here are some pictures taken a year ago today. James Thomas was so sick and pale. Look at him a year later, isn't it a miracle?!?!?!

When we entered the hospital on October 15, 2009 James Thomas had to receive 5 blood transfusions just to get his hgb to a safe range for surgery. He was literally dieing and wouldn't be here today without that blood. We will never know whose blood was given to him that week but we will forever be thankful. I know God knows who those donors were and I pray for extra blessings for them, for their lifesaving gift. James Thomas' now has designated donors who donate regularly. Thank you for your gift of life to our son! We appreciate it more than we can express and we will never forget or taken for granted what you do! SO HERE IS MY PLUG, let's all go donate blood. James has always been faithful in his donating of blood but me on the other well NOT SO GOOD! I am pledging now to donate blood this month, will you?????? Here is a picture of James Thomas' first blood transfusion.

This next picture was taken that same week and was probably transfusion #3, how could you not donate blood for a smile like that?

This last picture was taken at Camp Sunshine this summer. Everyone in the picture has Diamond Blackfan Anemia. Look at those beautiful faces. If you think about it, please say an extra prayer for them as they daily fight their fight!

James Thomas,
If you ever read this I hope you know how proud of you we are. God made you extra special and we thank Him for your precious life. You have taught us more than you will know and you are the bravest little boy! You are my hero! Keep up the good fight!
All my love,

PS A little ironic we went to clinic today on the one year anniversary of this adventure.
10-15-09 CBC results
HGB: 3.0
Retic: 0.1%

10-15-10 CBC results
HGB: 13.2 (yes 10 pts higher)
Retic: 1.2% (this is in the normal range)


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fun Filled Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend full of FUN! On Friday we headed to Lake Limestone to meet up with Jim and Nancy. Saturday, James and I got up bright and early to go to Dallas for the Balylor v. Tech football game. It was at the Cotton Bowl and neither of us had ever been to the State Fair. We were so excited to eat fair food and walk around so after the game we got Fletcher's corndogs and funnel cake. It was unbelievable to see all the different types of fried food! Even though Baylor lost we had a GREAT time cheering on our Bears.

Then we headed back to the lake house. We got back just in time for an amazing sunset! This place is such a treasure and we enjoy every trip we make. James Thomas had tons of fun playing with Grandma, Pawpaw, and Auntie Crystal (one of Nancy's Sunshine friends).

We had a wonderful, lazy Sunday morning at the lake and then headed back to H-town. Our weekend wasn't over yet. We unpacked the car, loaded the wagon, and headed down to the local Catholic Church Fall Festival. It was awesome! There was so much food, lots of activities for the kids, crafts everywhere, just a great way to spend your Sunday afternoon. Plus all the money raised went to charity!!!

TO TOP IT ALL OFF WE GOT LABS DONE FRIDAY MORNING TOO..........HGB 13.6 and retic 2.1 This is amazing and a true miracle. We are lowering his dose a little over 10% and we go back again on Friday!! GOD IS GOOD!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2nd Annual Pumpkin Patch Party

We had a wonderful day at the pumpkin patch and pumpkin party at the Cole home. I think we have officially made this a tradition!!! I love traditions!!! The kids were in awe of all the pumpkins at Memorial Drive Methodist. James Thomas thinks they are funny looking balls and keeps trying to pick up the ones I bought and throw them across our living room!!!

The weather was perfect and all the kids had a great time having lunch and playing outside! Fall is the best time of the year, especially in Houston!!!

Here are pictures from last year and this year. I can't believe how much the kids have grown. We also have one new addition to the group! (only 1 addition is pretty good for a year, right?) We are going to head out to Dewberry Farm sometime soon too. So many fun things to do this time of year.

2009 pictures

2010 pictures