Wednesday, October 20, 2010

DBA Cookbooks

I absolutely hate asking for money or asking people to buy things but this is so close to my heart. So, I will step out of my comfort zone and ask for your help! One of the DBA mom's that I met and grew close to this summer is putting together a cookbook to raise money for the DBA Foundation. The DBA Foundation is a wonderful organization and has funded lots of medical research to help kids like James Thomas get better treatment options and hopefully, someday find a cure. They also put on the week at Camp Sunshine that James and I got to go to this summer. It was 100% free for the families and was a life changing week. They do so much good, that I have to ask for your help.

They are currently taking preorders to determine how many books to buy. They will run between $10-15 plus shipping. Here is the information I received:
*Ok friends,
*We have reached over 200 recipes in the cookbook and I am still inputting them with the help of some other gracious DBA moms! THANK YOU! At this time, I want to start getting an idea of how many cookbooks I will need to order. *The cookbooks will be hard covered, color cover, with 200+ recipes, some pictures & artwork, including information about DBA, DBAF, and research, and some other extras (recipe abbreviations, spices, measurements, helpful hints, equivalency charts, etc). The cost will be between 10-15$ (depending on # of cookbooks ordered) and they will be available in January if all goes smoothly. S&H will be determined once I know how much the book weighs. *
Please check out the DBA Foundation as well. If you click on the "contact" tab you will see a picture of James Thomas!

If you would like to order a cookbook or 2 please email me and let me know.

I will collect money once I have an exact price. Thank you in advance for supporting our family and this organization that we love!

PS Thank you to all our family and friends who gave recipes. You were such a HUGE help. I can't wait to try all your recipes!