Thursday, October 27, 2011


We have had a really fun Fall! In fact it will take several posts to cover all that we have been up to. James and I got season tickets to Baylor Football and have had the best time driving up to Waco to watch several games. We even had a Baylor Football party one weekend to cheer on the Bears when they played KSU. The little boys had more fun playing outside than watching football. They were so cute to watch play. We are excited to head up to Waco next weekend for Homecoming.

We have also made several trips to the ZOO! James Thomas LOVES all the animals and riding the train. I think he wishes we could live on a train. I am starting to think Luke and James Thomas have their own language, kind of like some people say twins do. Every time they are together they spend half their time laughing at each other. They aren't talking or doing anything silly just smiling and chuckling uncontrollably. When James Thomas finally slows down at the end of the day he enjoys listening to train songs on my computer. They light his sweet little face up.

This morning was donuts with dad at school. My boys looked so cute and happy when they left this morning. And by the way it was wonderful not getting dressed this morning and waving goodbye to them as they pulled out the driveway. Mother's Day Out seems so much longer when I don't have to do drop off. I could get used to James taking JT to school!!!!