Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Unexpected trip to the hospital

What can I say? We went from a fun night of watching the Super Bowl, to a normal Monday, to finding ourselves in the ER, and being admitted back on the 9th floor. James Thomas came down with an awful virus that his little body just couldn't fight off. The doctor told us today his little body went into shock and that is why we have been up here getting fluids, meds, and being observed. We are scheduled to come home today, pending his cultures still look good at 3:00. We all anticipate no problems.

I have to be honest that I knew James Thomas was more likely to catch colds because he is on steroids but I had NO clue his body is not that capable of fighting them off. Our wonderful hematologist came down to visit. She apologized for not preparing me for these situations and giving me instructions on what to do. They are writing us a protocol that we are to follow for the next time he comes down with fever or vomiting. NEVER A DULL MOMENT!

I have great news to report. His hgb today was 12.4! On Friday it was 13.9, and Monday evening it was 12.2. They warned us it could be even lower because he was so dehydrated. I was anxious to get the results this morning but PRAISE God his body is doing great! When we leave we should be back on our normal doses and good to go!

Elmo is coming to the Pi Phi library today at 2:00 to visit the kids. We are going to see if we can get permission to go. I think James Thomas would LOVE it. Once again we are so impressed with the fantastic doctors, nurses, and all we have come in contact with up here. We are so thankful to live in Houston with such a great hospital.