Thursday, May 27, 2010

What we've been up to......LOTS OF SWIMMING!

We have done a lot of swimming lately. We have gone swimming at friend's houses, swimming at Grandma & Pawpaw's house, and today we went swimming at the Noah's Ark pool! The kids had so much fun playing today. I think they all took record long naps! We have had so much fun! Here are lots of pics from the past two weeks. James Thomas got another blood transfusion last Monday, he is LOVING drinking out of a big boy cup, he had a melt down on our five hour drive to Nach so we had many stops so he could stretch his legs, and lots more! Hope you enjoy the pictures!

James Thomas will be 1 next Friday. We are very excited to celebrate in Galveston with lots of family and friends! I can't believe my baby is almost 1! Where does the time go?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Where has the time gone?

This is a picture of the prayer quilt Austin Heights Baptist Church made for JT.

Hands Free....I am walking!

This is Dr. Bertuch (our hematologist). We LOVE her!

My sweet boy and me on Mother's Day!

Family picture on Mother's Day before church.

Last pictures of JT in his duck tub. He uses the big tub now! He is so grown up.

It has been so long since I have posted. We have been staying busy with play dates, parties, and more. I have more pictures I need to upload off my camera. We spent Mother's Day in Austin and had a wonderful time. Sarah cooked us a great brunch and we got to visit all together. James Thomas got his 15th blood transfusion on Tuesday. He was amazing and all the nurses love him. Our nurse this week told everyone that James Thomas was her boyfriend. It was really cute! We joined Gymboree and have been two weeks in a row now. He LOVES it. I have been waiting until he was more mobile and I can tell he really gets a lot out of the classes. Most exciting news is......we have a walker. He is walking and doing a fabulous job. He still uses his knees as his primary mode of transportation but any chance he gets he is on those feet. I am so proud of him!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Great weekend

We just got off another great weekend! We started it off with an unexpected blood transfusion. James Thomas was scheduled to get blood tomorrow but I had been noticing that he was getting pale again. He was also sleeping a lot. Every day last week he took several long naps. In fact one day he had two naps by noon. Well, Friday morning he had a low fever so I called and they told us to come on in. Moms most always know because sure enough, his hemoglobin was 7.6. We try not to ever let him drop below 8.o and we transfuse once he gets to 8.5 so I am very glad we went in. Daddy was able to join us later that afternoon and provide some entertainment. It is getting harder to get through the transfusions but we made it through #14!

Nancy came into town on Saturday to watch James Thomas for us. I feel bad because we hardly saw her at all. James and I were very busy but we appreciated her help. James Thomas has a lot of fun playing with his Grandma! I was able to see a lot of old friends from Baylor this weekend. I went to Sarah's baby shower and to Elizabeth's wedding shower! I am very excited for both of them, CONGRATULATIONS! On Sunday I got to go to Sunday School and Church! It is hard to do both because James Thomas usually has a melt down in the nursery. So, yesterday was awesome! Our Sunday School class had a baby sprinkle for Denise and Eric as they prepare to welcome Hunter! James and I also went over to the Gips house Sunday afternoon. They had James Gips in late March and I had not met him yet. He is absolutely adorable and we are very happy for our great friends. At the Gips house we got to visit with some of our besties from law school. Now that they have graduated and are working we don't see them as much as we use to. It was great to catch up!

The get togethers haven't let up! This morning Melissa and I met Ashleigh for lunch at the park. It was great to catch up and take pictures of the boys. Gage is a cutie and the this summer when they come back, the boys might be old enough to actually play a little bit! Tomorrow James Thomas and I are having lunch with more friends. We are staying busy!

Everything else here is good. We don't go back to clinic until next Tuesday!