Wednesday, February 22, 2012


January was a very fun month for us. Our neighborhood had a snow day at the park. I think James Thomas will enjoy the snow more next year but we still wanted him to try it out. So, James attempted to sled down the hill and unfortunately, he could not hold JT and the sled so they toppled over. Every time we mention snow day, James Thomas reminds us, "You dropped me, Daddy!" I don't think he will be able to milk that one much longer! We had fun playing with all our neighbors at the park and eating donuts. James Thomas' favorite part of snow day was definitely the donuts. (I think he ate three large donuts!!!)

We have been wanting to buy James Thomas a play set for a long time. We finally went out and did it and he is already making many memories. We are happy with our purchase. The rain has held us back a little but James Thomas and Lydia already call it their ship and they try and stay away from pirates!!!!

James Thomas got into my make up drawer and thought it was too funny that he painted his face!!! He is such a goober.

Last our little Baylor Bear!!! James and I bought this jersey in San Antonio when we were at the Alamo Bowl. On Super Bowl Sunday the kids wore jerseys of their favorite team. There is no doubt, THE BAYLOR BEARS, are the favorites in this house.

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